OK, time to start a new journal. Haven’t written about our adventures much, but while we were in Castle Raxir I didn’t exactly have a ton of time to myself, so I suppose it’s acceptable. Anyway, we’re still on the strange plane we followed the spool to, which means that although I know I can now handle the workings for 4th level magics, I can’t actually gather the requisite energy. Novadora’s been making periodic complaints in the same vein, especially since she was so excited to unlock her potential for 5th level magics. Vesta doesn’t have her higher power prayers either, which I think is odd, given the wholly different nature of divine magic versus arcane. Maybe if I get a chance I’ll get the ladies to help me with a bit of research on it. Perhaps the divine and the arcane aren’t really as different as scholar’s have been assuming.

Anyway, back to the present. We continued on from where the odd old man had led us, moving further toward the Valley of Statues. En-route, we were attacked by a massive murder of giant ravens being led by an even more massive one. A few arrows took down the supposed leader, but we still had to deal with the rest of the flock. Nova was tossing acid missiles around like they were candy, which reminds me: I still need to borrow her spellbook and copy over some of the new spells she was able to learn in Todrill that I missed out on. I actually cast a bunch of spell during the combat, which is highly unusual for me, but with how close the birds were to all of us, I didn’t relish the thought of putting an arrow through one of my companion’s heads with a misplaced shot. I instead started spraying burning hands around the area, taking out three or four birds per spell. Vesta was able to patch up the few scorches I put on the women as collateral damage, but I didn’t have anything else to be able to take the ravens out so handily, so I view a bit of needed healing and a few burnt hairs worth it.

After cleaning up scattered feathers and bird guts, we kept walking, making it to within an hour or so of the Valley. During first watch, Vesta and I had an odd experience. We heard singing and followed it after letting Nova and Elaina know what we were doing. It led us into the edge of the Valley and to a large, man-shaped statue. I wasn’t able to get it to respond, but when we turned to leave, it reached out and placed a hand on my shoulder. A white fog coalesced on the statue’s arm, turning into a humanoid-creature that kept singing. I was able to make a tiny bit of progress understanding it, as the tones of it’s music changed as I asked it questions, but I was too tired and unable to make much headway. Nova apparently has a similar experience as a dream-like state, with the creature in the Valley manipulating a stick in our camp to make marks on the ground as answers to questions. She managed to learn that we need to pass through the Valley of Statues, which isn’t safe, and locate a waterfall on the other side, which is apparently where the spool has been taken. We’re packing up the rest of camp now, getting ready to head into the Valley. Hopefully we’ll have some good luck. Artemis, please watch over us.


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